Trade-In Evaluation

For a boat enthusiast, few things in life are more exciting than buying your first boat, but buying another boat is definitely a very close second! If you’re in the market to sell your current boat and are wanting to buy a new one, why not trade your boat in? That way, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of selling your boat and you’ll get a great deal on the new one. People trade cars in all the time, and many boat owners are beginning to catch on to the industry secret that boat trade­ins are great deals for everyone!


The Benefits of a Trade-­In

Everyone involved in a boat trade­in wins, and this includes the seller, the dealer, and the buyer. As the seller, you get to sell your old boat without having to do any work, and you get a great deal on the boat of your dreams. Selling a boat privately can be quite an ordeal, and unless you know a buyer who’s in the market, your boat could be sitting for sale in your driveway for months.

But dealers have networks of people they can use and are always meeting new customers who are interested in used boats and will have no trouble selling your previously loved craft. As for the buyer, the family who purchases your used boat gets a chance to experience the thrill of boat ownership and gets to make wonderful new memories on the water at an affordable price.


Fill in the Trade-­In Evaluation Today

If you’re a boat owner in the Adirondack region and are thinking of selling your boat, stop by Schroon Lake Marina next time you’re in the area and ask about our trade­in options. Or, fill out the online trade­in evaluation form to get the ball rolling on your next boat purchase. To complete the form, we’ll need your name, city and zip code, email address and contact information, as well as some details about the vehicle you’re trading in, such as:

  • Year and mileage
  • Make and model
  • Price you want for it
  • Additional information about extras, modifications, or damage

Schroon Lake Marina trade ins are an excellent way for you to sell an old boat, get a new boat, and give a new family a chance to experience the joys and pleasures of life on the water.

Call us or fill out the trade in evaluation form online to get the process started, and find out how quickly your current craft can become your previously owned boat and your ticket to a newer
and more suitable vehicle for you and your water loving family.

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