As far as Schroon Lake Marina is concerned, any season is the right season to offer fantastic promotions to customers. This
includes springtime when you’re just pulling your boat out of storage, the middle of summer when you’re already out on the water, the end of fall when you’re starting to pack it in for the season, and the dead of winter when you’re dreaming about the summer and being back on the water.

Regardless of the season and no matter what the weather’s doing outside, keep checking back to see what great deals and promotions we’ve got going on for all you Capital Region boat-lovers who just want to spend summers on the water in amazing places like Lake George, Schroon Lake, and Loon Lake.


Everybody loves to get a deal, and boat enthusiasts and cottagers in the Adirondacks are no exception! Watersports equipment is expensive, and that’s why Schroon Lake Marina is always on the lookout for special offers, sales, deals, and savings that can be passed on to customers.

Sales are always limited time offers, and while that may mean you miss out on a few here and there, it also means there will always be
another one just around the corner. If you want to stay apprised about all the latest and greatest promotions being offered at Schroon Lake Marina, check back often to see what’s going on.

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