Schroon Lake Marina staffers are all adventurous and water­ loving boat enthusiasts—just like our customers—and that’s just part of the reason why the pro shop at the marina is called Hydrotherapy.


The sport of water skiing has been around since the 1920s when a guy in Lake Pepin in Minnesota strapped a pair of boards to his feet and attached himself with a clothesline to a boat driven by his brother. Since then, the sport has become immensely popular, and many different variations of it have been created—such as barefoot, slalom, trick, racing, jumping, and show skiing.

At Schroon Lake Marina, we have all the equipment and gear you might need for a day on the water whether you’re a child or adult, and regardless of if you’re a beginner or competitive water skier. Our equipment includes:

• Trainer skis • Kid and junior skis • Adult skis • Slalom­style skis • Vests and lines

HO Skis for Kids & Adults of All Skill Levels

HO Skis for Kids & Adults of All Skill Levels

Trainers: Schroon Lake Marina’s trainer package comes with everything you need to get a young beginner water skier out behind the boat. This includes HO skis suitable for a child weighing 30 to 70 pounds, DVD instructions for the skier, DVD instructions for the driver, a removable stabilizing bar, and a dual­handled mainline for safety.

Junior skis: For younger skiers, we recommend the 59­inch HO Blast water skis, which are safe for a skier up to 120 pounds. These come with an adjustable Velcro binding that makes
finding the right foot placement easy and allows multiple kids to get use out of the same skis.

Adult skis: Because we love them so much, Schroon Lake Marina carries HO skis for adults as well, in either the Blast or Excel models. They also come standard with Velcro bindings, making it easy for different skiers to share the same pair of skis. These are available in 63­ and 67­inch skis, both of which are suitable for skiers up to 150 pounds.

Slalom skiing: If you’re interested in slalom skiing, ask about our limited stock. We carry HO slalom skis, and may be able to special order if we don’t have something suitable in stock.

Additional Equipment

Beginner Equipment and Help

Because we’re a one­-stop watersport shop servicing many lakes and cottagers in the Capital Region, Schroon Lake Marina also carries other water skiing gear you might need, such as vests and lines. For vests, we have HO U.S. Coast Guard Academy and competition vests, and we also carry vests from Liquid Force, a leader in the wakeboarding equipment and apparel industry.

Regarding lines, we have Straight Line products that are
available in three, five, and seven section lines. We also carry handles, mainlines, and even bridals, just in case your boat doesn’t have ski eyes.

If you’re a beginner skier who’s just getting out on the water for the first time or an advanced skier looking for guidance or equipment help, the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Schroon Lake Marina is here to help. We can help you pick the right equipment, teach you how to use the gear properly, and can even give you a few tips about improving your next run.

If you’re looking for some more in-­depth training, check out the Inverted Wakeboard and Waterski School on Loon Lake for some hourly training sessions. Just don’t forget to come back
to Schroon Lake when you’re ready to show off your new skills and new equipment!