Schroon Lake Marina staffers are all adventurous and water­ loving boat enthusiasts—just like our customers—and that’s just part of the reason why the pro shop at the marina is called Hydrotherapy.


For wake surfers, there is nothing in the world as amazing as riding behind a boat. The Wakefoil is every wake surfer’s dream, providing a way of riding higher in both comfort and style! You won’t just be riding the waves anymore: you’ll experience what it’s like to fly!

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What is Wakefoil?

The complete Wakefoil Package contains everything you need to truly fly across the water. It contains a specialized board that is just the right length and width to help you become airborne. It comes complete with a directional rocker shape that helps you control where you want to fly. Special inserts fit our custom bindings and make sure you stay one with the board while flying. A mast helps raise your board up, while our custom front wing helps you achieve liftoff! The fuselage brings you strength and stability, while the rear wing adds durability and helps you catch some sky.

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Why choose Wakefoil?

While Wakefoil is friendly for beginning wake surfers (including a smaller mast to help them get started), it was designed for the veteran wake surfers who wanted to enjoy their favorite experience in a way they never could before. The experience of the wind in your face and the sun on your body as you speed behind a boat is already a joyful, transcendent experience. However, Wakefoil takes this to the next level by putting the wind under your feet and letting you experience the feeling of flight. In this way, Wakefoil helps you recreate the joy of seeing Superman in action as a child…and like a child watching the Man of Steel’s adventures, “you will believe a man can fly!”

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Ready for Anything

Surfers have long known what it’s like to be at the mercy of the elements. A terrible wind or rough surf can ruin an entire day. Part of the fun of wake surfing, though, is that the stability of being tethered to a boat makes it easy to surf in any condition. Wakefoil is designed with a revolutionary blend of hydrodynamics and aerodynamics to make sure you will have sleek, stylish fun through both the roughest and calmest of waters.

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The Future Is Here

Everyone knows what it’s like to want to experience tomorrow, today. We read about technological innovations and mechanical breakthroughs before coming to the disappointing realization that we may not be able to buy such breakthrough technology for years. Wakefoil is offering the best of both worlds: this is a breakthrough that will completely change how you wake surf for the rest of your life. It offers a dynamic experience that is fun for the solo wake surfer as well as the entire family. And best of all, we’ve brought the future to life, and you can experience this breakthrough of engineering and design today!